In times of radical change, we must consistently question and enhance our traditional ways of thinking and acting.

We need a fresh look and new inspiration. We need different approaches to leadership and the development of organisations. Every successful change begins with a change in thinking.

As part of this, the basic human needs of people as social beings should not be in conflict with economic action. Business success requires a holistic approach and a new quality of collaboration. We believe that resonance is the basis for change and success in an increasingly complex world. For individuals, for teams and for organisations.


We create resonance. Resonance is the basis for change. Resonance means a new quality of relationships.

Based on this, we can jointly overcome the limits in our thinking, perception and acting. We have developed a new consulting approach based on our many years of experience from major transformation projects. Insights from Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology, Neuroscience and Economics as well as Japanese martial arts and Zen practice have been incorporated into our consulting approach. This foundation is important to us.

Change processes can only be successfully initiated if we are able to question existing mental models and mindsets and define new reference frameworks. We help companies to develop different behaviors and create new social practices, structures and spaces. We dedicate ourselves to this work with a lot of empathy, passion, creativity and joy.


We inspire, advise and empower people who actively shape change.

As coaches and mentors, we support those who want to advance in resonance with their own values and convictions.
In teams, we deepen relationships to achieve a new quality of interaction, innovation and agility.
We enable companies and organisations to overcome silo thinking by developing new processes, structures and decision-making processes. We help companies and organisations in implementing strategic initiatives and programs. We develop their ability to thrive in volatile markets.
In lectures and workshops we inspire people to experience resonance and to embrace new approaches and social practices.
In addition, we offer a management development program and a dedicated employee leasing approach.
For everything we do, resonance is the leitmotif.